From Glasgow Women's Library

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From Glasgow Women’s Library is a collection of products developed through research into the Glasgow Women's Library archive and collections by Ruth Ewan with Joy BC, Finch & Fouracre, Sally Hackett, Jasleen Kaur, Kaisa Lassinaro and Maeve Redmond and Donna Wilson.

The project encompassed an events programme in partnership with Craft Scotland.

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Titles from the Library, Photograph: Caro Weiss


Gwl B
Slogan Mugs by Sally Hackett, Photograph: Caro Weiss
Gwl F
Reading List T-shirts by Kaisa Lassinaro and Maeve Redmond, Photograph: Caro Weiss
Gwl H
Feminist Charms by Ruth Ewan with Joy BC, Photograph: Caro Weiss
Gwl M
Bridgeton-Women's Library Sketchbook by Finch and Fouracre, Photograph: Caro Weiss
Gwl O
Votes for Women Cushion by Donna Wilson, Photograph: Caro Weiss


Taking place on International Women's Day, a series of public events, organised in partnership with Craft Scotland’s ‘Meet Your Maker’ programme, launched the exclusive range of products at Glasgow Women's Library, exploring the inspiration behind their making. 

8 March 2018

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Gwl Event C
Make Your Own Ornament with Sally Hackett, Photograph: Sequoia Hearne
Gwl Event D
Make Your Own Ornament with Sally Hackett, Photograph: Sequoia Hearne
Gwl Event E
'Language, Slogans and Graphic Design', Talk chaired by Edwin Pickstone with Sally Hackett and Maeve Redmond, Photograph: Sequoia Hearne
Gwl Event G
A performance of the poem 'Tethered' by Rhona Warwick, by Tessa Lynch and Rhona Warwick, Photograph: Sequoia Hearne
Gwl Event H
'Margaret Tait: Making Film Poems', Screening and poetry reading introduced by Elsa Richardson, Photograph: Sequoia Hearne


A partnership with Glasgow Women's Library and Craft Scotland