Be Like Teflon


"Whether it’s around a kitchen table or from the pages of a book, hearing the voices of resilient women is like having the companionship of a sister or mother — tender and sustaining, like maha di dhal on a sodden wet day in Glasgow. With that innate knowledge of measuring by eye, atta, chawal, mirch, comes the wisdom of a women’s experience, as she tells us to, ‘be like teflon, be like teflon, don’t let anything stick.’" Jasleen Kaur

'Be Like Teflon' is a new book by Jasleen Kaur commissioned by Panel for Glasgow Women's Library. In a collection of conversations between Jasleen and women of Indian heritage living in the UK, arise themes of labour, duty, sustenance and loss. Here we find a place for their histories, experience and strength. Through the simple act of listening, over a hot tava or plate of food, begin acts of solidarity and self-nourishment.  

This publication received support from Creative Scotland and was produced by Panel. It is co-published by Glasgow Women's Library and Dent-De-Leone. 

Author: Jasleen Kaur 

Co-Editors: Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan, Panel 

Graphic Design: Åbäke 

Text: Jasleen Kaur and Amanprit Sandhu 

Printed by: J Thomson Colour Printers in Scotland 

Paper: G.F Smith 

First Edition: 750 copies 

ISBN - 978–0–9522273–1–1 (Glasgow Women's Library) ISBN - 978–1–907908–52–1 (Dent-De-Leone)