Dressing Above Your Station

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Curated by Beca Lipscombe and Mairi MacKenzie, with Rob Kennedy, ISO Design and Glasgow School of Art, Dressing Above Your Station considers the life and work of the artist Steven Campbell from a fashion and textiles perspective. It examines the depiction of clothing and cloth in his paintings as well as the role of fashion in Steven and his wife Carol’s life and aspirations.

Virtual Exhibition

31 March – 26 June 2022

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Dressing Above Your Station is virtual, and accessible anywhere in the world via a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. It is set within an exact, 1:1 scale digital model of Tramway’s largest exhibition space, Tramway 2. The exhibition appears as it would in real life and features digital representations of Steven Campbell paintings, clothing and personal mementos. An audio tour, narrated by Steven’s wife, Carol, guides you around the space.

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All Virtual Exhibition Digital Images: ISODESIGN

Interactive Projection

31 March - 17 April 2022

An interactive projection.

T5, Tramway

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All Interactive Projection Photographs: Gordon Burniston

Shop Window

31 March - 17 April 2022

A shop window projection, at McLellan Works on Sauchiehall Street, presented a series of encounters from the exhibition, designed to draw in the Glasgow passer-by.

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All Shop Window Photographs: Gordon Burniston

Poster Series

31 March - 17 April 2022

Across Glasgow.

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All Poster Photographs: Gordon Burniston


Generously funded by Creative Scotland and Glasgow Life, the charity that delivers culture and sport in the city and supported by ISODESIGN and The Glasgow School of Art. Presented by Tramway, part of Glasgow Life.