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the JUMBIES publication photographed against the textile designs of Zephyr Liddell, Photograph: Gordon Burniston


JUMBIES was a collaborative ‘group-show-as-performance’ which wove together the practices of visual artist Ashanti Harris, textile designer Zephyr Liddell, and sound artist Patricia Panther.

For the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 'Across the City' Digital Programme, each artist produced work in response to Jacques Derrida’s concept of ‘hauntology’, an interrogation of the ways in which people, places and things are ‘haunted’ by histories which are simultaneously neither present nor absent.

Drawing from this concept, JUMBIES was an exploration of the visible and the invisible across intersecting art forms and artistic practices. Taking its title from the jumbie – a Caribbean colloquial for ghost – the project combines dance, sound, and printed textiles to create a performative space of layered fictions, alternate realities, apparitions and re-presentations.


Presented via 360 video, the performances were accompanied by a printed publication, edited by Panel, which brings together new writing and illustration by Harris, Liddell and Panther alongside commissioned texts by Raisa Kabir, Marie O’Connor and Ranjana Thapalyal, which further unravel and reveal the ideas and practices that configure JUMBIES.

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JUMBIES was supported by Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art and Creative Scotland.