The Persistence of Type vol. III


The Persistence of Type is a newspaper and on-going collaborative project by Catriona Duffy, Sophie Dyer, Fiona Jardine, Lucy McEachan and Maeve Redmond.

Tpotiii A
Newspaper, volume III, Photograph: Alan Dimmick

Created especially for the eighth edition of Glasgow International, the free publication included contributions from Catalina Barroso-Luque, Sam Bellacosa, Claire Biddles, Theresa Coburn, Alan Dimmick, Fiona Jardine, Jade Halbert, Mairi MacKenzie and Soulfood Sisters and was available from selected Glasgow International venues.

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20 April - 7 May 2018

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The Persistence of Type Live

Sunday 22 April 2018, The Old Hairdressers

Chat show host Claire Biddles and special guests from West Yorkshire, Falkirk, Peebles and Galashiels shared an afternoon of conversation, screenings and performance to mark the launch of The Persistence of Type volume III.

With real-life stories and expert insights from Theresa Coburn, Myra Ostacchini, Stephen Sutcliffe and others.

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Fiona Jardine in conversation with Claire Biddles, Photograph: Alan Dimmick
Tpotiii C
Theresa Coburn and Stephen Sutcliffe in conversation with Claire Biddles, Photograph: Alan Dimmick
Tpotiii E
Screening of 'The Height of Goth: 1984, A Night at the Xclusiv Nightclub, Batley, West Yorkshire', Photograph: Alan Dimmick


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